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Archive for November, 2013

Investment Goals and Strategies

The intended end result of investing is to make and keep money. The investment goals and strategies that one uses in accomplishing this goal are many. However, the first rule, to quote Warren Buffett, is not to lose money and the second rule to continue quoting the Oracle of Omaha is not to forget rule […]


Investing in Turnarounds

FREE: Get Your Trend Channels Training Video Now! In the aftermath of the worst economic recession in nearly eighty years there are a lot of companies that are just putting themselves back together. The prime example was the company that once was the world’s largest corporation and the world’s largest auto maker. Things got so […]


Investment Risk Management

Investment risk management includes diversifying to balance business risk, being wary of overpriced stocks, and not confusing short term goals with long term investing techniques. Picking new winners is always the name of the game but picking them at the best price, diversifying to reduce sector risk, and choosing stocks whose prospects match your long term goals are good ways of managing investment risk.
Business risk is the risk of competition. Effectiveness of management, developing and promoting products, penetrating markets, and doing so in the most cost effective and profitable manner all go into a profitable company. Business risk is also […]


Intrinsic Value of Stock

FREE: Get Your Bobble / T-Line Crunch Training Video Now! Successful long term investors consider the intrinsic value of stock before buying and when deciding to sell. This approach to stock investing goes back to the black days following the 1929 stock market crash which ushered in the Great Depression. Benjamin Graham taught investors that […]


UNH Stock Response to Obama Care Problems

FREE: Get Your Doji Sandwich Training Video Now! The Affordable Care Act is a laudable attempt to fix many issues relating to affordable access to medical care. And the news is full of the problems related to the roll out of the system. Insurance companies and Health Maintenance Organizations are central to the Affordable Care […]


Time to Buy Macy’s

FREE: Get Your Bobble / T-Line Crunch Training Video Now! Retailers usually depend on the holiday season to boost sales and bolster profits. However, the New York based retailer, Macy’s, (M) has increased its earnings quarter by quarter for just less than four years! With the holiday season approaching it may be time to buy […]


Why Own McDonalds Stock

FREE: Get Your Wedge Breakouts Training Video Now! McDonalds stock (MCD) has slipped a bit of late but many analysts are expecting a comeback based on changes in the business, share repurchases, and higher dividends. McDonalds is a lot like Microsoft. It is the largest and most profitable in its niche and has little room […]


Twitter Stock Gives a Tremendous Tweet

FREE: Get Your Projecting Price Targets Training Video Now! Twitter seems to have learned from the Facebook IPO flop and priced its stock reasonably for its initial public offering. The stock was priced at $26 for the IPO and opened at $46. By mid-day it went up and down and settled in the $45 range. […]


Municipal Bond Investment

FREE: Get Your Trend Analysis Training Video Now! Municipal bond investment may be an attractive option for investors in the coming year. When the Fed eventually cuts its quantitative easing stimulus plan rates will go up. That will make bonds attractive. However, with higher interest rates come higher taxes. Municipal bonds have the advantage of […]


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