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Archive for September, 2013

Reliable Returns on Stock Investments

In the days following the stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression, Benjamin Graham taught the concepts of intrinsic stock value, margin of safety of stocks and fundamental analysis of stocks. The take home point of the things that Mr. Graham taught was that you can get reliable returns on stock investments. You […]


Cell Tower Return on Investment Formula

Cell tower leases can be great long term investments. And cell phone tower investment can be a short term affair in which you pick up a property with a cell site, do a bit of rehabbing, and sell for a tidy profit. As with any potentially profitable investment you will want a fair return on […]


Increasing Iranian Natural Gas Production

Iran is in the news a lot because it appears to have nuclear bomb ambitions. The West led by the USA has levied punishing sanctions on the country. Now Iran has a new president although the religious oligarchy is still in charge overall. But the new president is pursuing what the press calls a charm […]


Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing can provide investors with better returns over the years than a bank account or US Treasury Bonds. Stock market investing is also riskier than simply putting your money in an FDIC insured bank account or Treasuries that are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. How do you […]


Fed Stimulus Program Continues

On news that the Fed stimulus program continues unchanged the bond market rallied. Yields fell and bond prices rose. Buyers outnumbered sellers as the bond market experienced its biggest one day jump in nearly two years. The Fed stimulus program continues unabated when virtually no one thought that it would. The central bank published minutes […]


Post Bernanke Federal Reserve

Ben Shalom Bernanke is approaching the end of his second term as chairman of the United States Federal Reserve. He is leaving when his term expires in 2014. Bernanke established himself as a foremost expert on the causes of the Great Depression and was an excellent person to have at the helm of the Fed […]


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