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Archive for August, 2013

Buy Defaulted International Bonds

There may be a new investment opportunity in the international bond markets. If you have a high risk tolerance in pursuit of stellar profits you might want to buy defaulted international bonds. Your first thought may be that it will not take a lot of fundamental analysis to determine that defaulted bonds in a foreign […]


Microsoft Rallies on News of Ballmer Retirement

As Microsoft rallies on news of Ballmer retirement is it time to buy Microsoft or sell the stock? Steve Ballmer has been the head of Microsoft for over a decade. During this time Microsoft has remained one of the world’s largest companies but essentially quit growing. Much of this is because of the shift away […]


Best Buy Recovers

The consumer electronics company Best Buy came in with earnings twenty fold higher than for the same period a year ago. The survival of Best Buy was in question a year ago but cost cutting measures and a successful approach to online sales has allowed the company to triple its stock price from just seven […]


Follow The Leader Investing

Many investors pay a coach to tell them how approach investments and how to go about the fundamental analysis necessary to make good investments. The point is that you do not have to learn from your own mistakes. You can learn from the mistakes and the successes of others. You might call this follow the […]


Walmart Warns Of A Weak Outlook

The retail giant Walmart came in with disappointing earnings. However it was the fact that Walmart warns of a weak outlook going forward that drove stocks down for the second day in a row, this time for a drop of 200 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. As Walmart warns of a weak outlook […]


Buy Insured Municipal Bonds

Many municipalities are having difficulty selling bonds. Many are putting off anticipated offerings. The municipal bond insurance industry may be revitalized as investors decide to only buy insured municipal bonds. Poorly conceived pension obligation bonds have come back to haunt many issuers over the years. It turns out that playing an interest rate game in […]


How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes in Investing

With stocks at multiyear highs, many folks are contemplating getting back into the market. The stock market is up again and that tempts more and more people to become stock investors. Folks who bought when the market was low love this scenario. Late arriving investors pour their money into the market just as fundamental analysis […]


End of Bond Purchases Drives Stocks Down

The prospect of the end of bond purchases drives stocks down. Speculation continues as to just when the US Federal Reserve will start tapering off its $85 Billion a month purchase of US Treasuries. Recent comments from the Fed indicate that changes in the program could come as soon as next month. As the beginning […]


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