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Archive for April, 2013

Cell Phone Tower Site Leases

FREE: Get Your Trend Analysis Training Video Now! Interesting and potentially quite profitable investments are cell phone site leases. These investments pay regularly and commonly have an escalator clause that increases lease payments every year. Cell phone tower site leases tend to be very stable and secure investments because cell phone networks depend upon these […]


Smart Cell Tower Investing

FREE: Get Your Trend Channels Training Video Now! An investment that fits into the skill set of a smart long term investor is cell phone tower investment. A cell phone tower or cell site is where the phone company places a base receiver station or mobile phone mast. This technology allows for use of cell […]


Make Money on Cell Tower Investing

FREE: Get Your Doji Sandwich Training Video Now! There are more investing opportunities in the world than just stocks and bonds. One excellent opportunity right in your neighborhood is cell phone tower investment. Just what are cell towers and how do they translate into investment opportunity? Cell towers or cell sites hold the mobile phone […]


Cell Phone Tower Investment

FREE: Get Your Gap Analysis Training Video Now! Every so often a great investment idea comes across our desk here at Profitable Investing Tips. This one has to do with the backbone of a technology that is part of our everyday life, cell phones. Cell phone tower investment can be profitable. Cell phone tower investment […]


How High Can Stocks Go?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ are all at or near all-time highs? The question for those on the sidelines and wishing to invest it just how high can stocks go? Markets as of April 10, 2013 Dow Jones 14,753.17 +79.71 (0.54%) S&P 500 1,578.74 +10.13 (0.65%) Nasdaq 3,270.91 +33.05 (1.02%) In […]


Investing in Risky Stocks

Investing in volatile stocks can be profitable if your fundamental analysis indicates that a stock is underpriced. And investing in risky stocks of the volatile kind can be very dangerous if you neglect to do your homework. As all too many investors learned to their dismay in the 2008 market crash, big stocks are not […]


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