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Archive for March, 2013

BRICS Development Bank Problems

There seem to be BRICS development bank problems even before the idea gets off the ground. In their recent summit in South Africa, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa stated that they intend to create an international bank to support development in the developing world. The argument made by many in […]


Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Diversification is a means of reducing risk and increasing opportunity in investing. The chances of having a stock in your portfolio rise significantly in price goes up when you have five well-chosen stocks instead of one. The chances of losing all of your investment capital also go down when you diversify your investment portfolio among […]


Russian Chinese Energy Agreement

The new Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, signed a Russian Chinese energy agreement set to provide the still-growing Chinese economy with oil and natural gas for years to come. China has worked hard to secure sources of energy for its economy for years. The thriving Chinese economy and large cash reserves have been indispensable in the […]


Raiding Personal Savings Accounts to Pay off Government Debt

According the news, EU officials are telling Cyprus that in order to get more bailout money Cyprus needs to start raiding personal savings accounts to pay off government debt. Some of this has to do with allegations of money laundering for the Russian mafia but it will surely hit hard at families who have put […]


Investment and the Time Value of Money

Time value is usually an expression used in options trading. When an options contract has a while to run before expiration it is said to have time value. Anything can happen so the price of the options contract may well rise or fall. Here we are concerned about investment and the time value of money. […]


Time to Sell Gold

With gold having its worst beginning of the year in more than two decades, is it time to sell gold? Many big gold investors seem to think so. More than $5 Billion was sold from gold exchange traded funds in a month. Part of this may be that investors are moving their money from gold […]


Profitable Investment Alternatives

Perhaps you have had your money in a mutual fund and are dismayed at poor returns and occasional losses. Maybe your money was in a hedge fund that went down in flames in the 2008 market crash. And, it might be that you invested in South Florida real estate just before the bubble burst. If […]


Invest in Post War Syria

The tide has turned in the grueling Syrian Civil War. Opposition forces have taken another town in the North. United States has stated its willingness to provide non-lethal support for the rebels. The Syrian Opposition is already receiving arms from the likes of Saudi Arabia. Many believe that it is only a matter of time […]


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