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Archive for February, 2013

Find Practical Investments

There is often too much hype that attends investing advice. With people selling investment products, trading products, and various services, it is too easy to miss the investing forest for all of the investment product and service trees. Many folks would just like to find practical investments. Mind you, we are not talking about the […]


Declining Investment in China

According to a recent press release by Dow Jones there has been declining investment in China at the end of last year. The report notes a more than forty percent fall in venture capital infusion. Direct investment in China has been popular if not always profitable for years. A major issue that we have written […]


Pick Profitable Investment Vehicles

In the business of making money through investments it is essential to pick profitable investment vehicles. Whether you are interested in stocks or real estate, US Treasury bills or corporate bonds, you need to look at expected return and appreciation, security of the investment, and the cost of doing business attached to the investment. It […]


Invest in Wired Fabrics

An evolving technology will allow people to wear or carry so called wired fabrics. This new technology may provide smart investors with opportunities to get in on the ground floor. And the same new technology may result in investors losing their money, thinking that they are picking new winners when they are just throwing good […]


Investing in Ketchup

As a recipe for success in a slowly growing economy, a consortium including Berkshire Hathaway has decided that investing in ketchup is the way to go. An investment group that includes Berkshire Hathaway is putting up $28 Billion for a buyout offer for H. J. Heinz Company, the venerable maker of ketchup. As the offer […]


Managing Financial Investments

Profitable investing does not stop with picking sound investments. Getting into a good investment is one thing but managing financial investments is another. Managing financial investments requires a broad view of the intent and purpose of each investment. Managing financial investments also requires continual attention to each and every investment in your portfolio. While getting […]


Profitable Asset Management

Long term management of assets is more than learning fundamental analysis of stocks, diversification of a stock portfolio, and choosing high paying dividend stocks. Profitable asset management involves choosing between investments in real estate, offshore investments, growth markets at home and abroad, stable consumer products companies, and interest bearing investments. Profitable asset management often has […]


Integrating China into the World Economy

It seems that every time a Chinese investor makes an investment in a foreign country it hits the news. It also seems to scare a lot of people. Our view is that integrating China into the world economy is a good thing. We favor integrating China into the world economy for a number of reasons. […]


Reasonable Investment Advice

If you are wondering how to invest $10,000 you may not want anything fancy. You may just want reasonable investment advice. If the folks who invested all of their money with Bernie Madoff had it to do all over again they would go with reasonable investment advice and not get suckered into a pyramid scheme […]


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