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Archive for January, 2013

Investing and Immigration Reform

A bipartisan group of US senators as well as a group from the House of Representatives have come up with comprehensive plans to deal with US immigration issues. The fact that everyone seems to be looking at creating a comprehensive solution has business leaders excited and supportive. There are at least eleven million illegal immigrants […]


Finding Good Financial Advisors

In difficult financial times one can still make money in investments. Part of what is needed is finding good financial advisors. No matter how skilled one is at technical and fundamental analysis of investments, there is no need to repeatedly reinvent the wheel. Finding good financial advisors does not mean that you must do everything […]


Investing for a Devalued Dollar

While fiscal cliff stock worries wax and wane, smart investors should be thinking about investing for a devalued dollar. One of the reasons for US fiscal problems is, in fact, an overly strong US dollar. Across the world countries that want to export goods to North America repeatedly purchase US dollars. One reason is that […]


Secure Investment Services

In trying times, investors seek the help of secure investment services. Many invested in hedge funds prior to the 2008 market collapse. They watched their hard earned lifetime assets evaporate virtually overnight. People who sought the services of investment services, such as that of Bernie Madoff, believed what they were told and believed that they […]


Investing and the Continuing Fiscal Cliff Drama

The President of the United States says that we “are not a deadbeat nation.” He states that the US must raise its debt limit to avoid another fiscal cliff situation. From the President’s point of view, Congress must pay for the bills that it has rung up. From the viewpoint of those who want to […]


Picking Investment Advisors

Is the key to investment profits picking investment advisors or, perhaps, knowing which to avoid? If you are picking investment advisors because you are looking for investing tips, remember that the most successful investors commonly do their own fundamental analysis. Put this advice in the “no free lunch” category. Picking investment advisors should be done […]


Fiscal Cliff Fight Investment Losses

Despite the very public agreement to extend middle class tax cuts and increase taxes on the very rich, the fiscal cliff fight continues. Our concern in this investment column is fiscal cliff fight investment losses. One bright spot for those who believe in the right for parents to pass their wealth on to their heirs […]


Investing for a Tighter Budget

American may wish to start thinking about investing for a tighter budget. The United States Congress just agreed to raise taxes on income over $400,000 a year, extend unemployment benefits and a deal with a handful of items on the country’s economic plate. A huge sigh of relief was heard as congress seemed to finally […]


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