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Archive for December, 2012

Will Stocks Fall off the Fiscal Cliff?

As minutes tick away before the end of 2012 we wonder if the juvenile behavior on Capitol Hill will give way to reason. Or will the economy falter? Will stocks fall off the fiscal cliff? Will the US be plunged back into a recession? In the last year we have written, hopefully, about the slow […]


Picking Sound Investments

The keys to picking sound investments are fundamental analysis and timing. Fundamental analysis reveals the intrinsic value of a stock and its margin of safety. Technical analysis reveals current market sentiment and often allows investors to buy or sell stocks at the optimal price. FREE: Get Your Moving Averages Training Video Now! Picking Sounds Investments […]


Fiscal Cliff Fear Factor

The so called “fiscal cliff” is likely to be in the news for some time as Democrats and Republicans begrudgingly negotiate a compromise. But, will they negotiate a compromise or will both parties play to the media and their constituencies to the detriment of the American economy and the American people? What we refer to […]


Sound Investment Advice

In today’s world of electronic trading, hedge funds, and increasingly leveraged investments, it is time for some sound investment advice. Don’t get us wrong. If you can make money trading stocks, investing in hedge funds, or leveraging your investments good for you. However, many lost their retirement savings in the 2008 market crash. Many lost […]


Intrinsic Value of Overseas Investments

Long term investors in US stocks commonly look for intrinsic stock value before buying. In general, one looking for offshore investments should apply much of the same thinking when buying foreign stocks and engaging in other offshore investments. What is intrinsic stock value when we are considering the intrinsic value of overseas investments? At its […]


International Investment Strategies

In scouting out profitable investments away from one’s homeland there are number of factors to consider. Opportunities include investing in foreign stocks, foreign real estate investments, setting up the management aspect of a business in a tax friendly locale, setting up shop for one’s entire business offshore, and more. With any of these international investment […]


Invest in North American Automakers

The sales figures are out US auto sales for the last month and they look great! November US auto sales are as good as they have been since before the recession started. After dismal times, the bankruptcy of General Motors, and all it may be time to invest in North American automakers for the long […]


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