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Archive for November, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Stock Worries

The stock market retreated recently on fiscal cliff stock worries, according to the news. So, what the Heck is a Fiscal Cliff? Fiscal Cliff is a political term. The fiscal cliff implies a rapid economic disaster upon letting the Bush era tax cuts expire, allowing mandatory Federal spending cuts to occur, and seeing an expanding […]


Invest in Colombia and the Peso

If ever the famous Baron Rothschild “blood in the streets” quotation about investing were to apply in the later 20 th and early 21 st century, it would apply in Colombia. Colombia is emerging from a three generation long period of civil strife. The civil war in Colombia began in the 1950’s. Rebels demanded land […]


Chinese Manufacturing Increase

Stocks around the world responded favorably to the announcement of the first Chinese manufacturing increase in more than a year. A Chinese manufacturing increase may tell us that prospects for investment in China are positive. On the other hand, at least part of a Chinese manufacturing increase will come from sales by this export driven […]


Three Good Ways to Invest in Mexico

Mexico is the 14th largest nation in the world by land mass. Its 115 million people place Mexico in 11th place in the world by population. Mexico has a GDP of over a trillion dollars. When the cost of living in Mexico is calculated in, the GDP of Mexico according to purchasing power parity is […]


Three Reasons to Diversify Your Investments Offshore

Investment diversification is a time honored means of preserving capital as well as taking advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities. Here we consider three reasons to diversify your investments offshore instead of back home. The Decreasing Value of the US Dollar An excellent idea and the first of our three reasons to diversify […]


Effect of a Broader Middle East War on Stocks

Fighting has intensified on Syria’s borders with both Turkey and Israel. In each case, Syria would be making a huge mistake dragging its militarily stronger neighbors into a conflict. Poorly organized and supplied rebel forces have made significant strides against the Assad government and refugees include high ranking military officers who are adding expertise, and […]


Obama Stock Market Slump

How can so many investors be so wrong? Stocks went down after the reelection of Barack Obama. The Obama stock market slump is likely related to depression among those investors who wanted Romney to become president. Interestingly the stock market also fell in response to Obama’s election for a first term. Despite incessant grousing about […]


Investment and the Panama Canal Expansion

Seldom has a major construction project had such as wide ranging effect on investment opportunity as the Panama Canal expansion. Panama investment and the Panama Canal expansion are easy to understand. But there are wider ranging connections to investment and the Panama Canal expansion up and down the Atlantic coast of the Americas. Shipping experts […]


Invest in Rebuilding the Jersey Shore

As hurricane Sandy has passed it is time to assess the damage and rebuild. Such times remind us of the frailty of human life and endeavors. Such times also bring us together to build a new and rebuild better than before. The New Jersey governor says he will ask the Army Corps of Engineers for […]


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