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Archive for September, 2012

Invest in Home Builders

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Figures released by the US Department of Commerce reveal that US new home sales are the best that they have been in two years. Does that mean that it is time to […]


Tips or Research for Profitable Investing

None of us can know everything in the world of investing. So, subscribing to an alert service, following the advice of knowledgeable stock analysts, and doing a lot of fundamental analysis are all good ways to find profitable ways to invest in stocks. Now, how about tips? Your best friend tells you that XYZ Corp. […]

Do your own independent research to confirm any tips that you hear. It does not have to be tips or research for profitable investing.

Fedex Predicts a Global Economic Downturn

Stocks have retreated from multiyear highs and Fedex predicts a global economic downturn. The stock market highs were from an expected economic boost from Federal Reserve bond purchases. Some of the almost immediate retreat from these highs is certainly from profit taking by short term traders. However, the state of the global economy is far […]


Value Investing for Long Term Profits

In the depths of the Great Depression Benjamin Green introduced investors to the concept of value based stock investing. According to Mr. Green investors could use value based stock investing for long term profits if they based their investment choices on stock fundamentals. Value based investing works on two principles. There is always a degree […]


Economic Boost from Federal Reserve Bond Purchases

Investors can expect an economic boost from Federal Reserve bond purchases scheduled to start today. At it latest meeting the US Federal Reserve agreed to an extended economic stimulus program guaranteed to last well into an economic recovery. The base of the program will be the purchase of $85 Billion a month in bonds up […]


Russian Pacific Investment

The prince of the East, Vladivostok, may become the focus of Russian Pacific investment. As more and more economic might and influence are moving to Asia, specifically China, Russian Pacific investment would put Russian industry and natural resource development where the money is. As Europe continues in its economic doldrums China continues to grow its […]


Invest in Dividend Stocks

Invest in dividend stocks for security and a steady income. There are companies that have routinely paid quarterly dividends for as much as a century. If you want to sleep at night invest in dividend stocks. A contrarian might argue that buy investing in a secure stock that you will give up the potential for […]


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