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Archive for June, 2012

Invest in Arena and Its Anti-obesity Drug

As many as a third of adults in the USA are obese and one in six children shares the problem. Type II diabetes, high blood, pressure, heart failure, and other diseases are worsened by obesity. Now the FDA has approved a new drug, made by Arena Pharmaceuticals, for obesity. The question for investors is if […]


End of Euro Zone Austerity

According to news sources, Moody’s is about to downgrade Spain’s debt rating, again. Greece is still struggling with austerity measures imposed by the EU in return for bailout funds. The Euro Zone appears to be poised for another recession. Does this mean the end of Euro Zone austerity? The issue in Spain is the same […]


Invest Offshore in Mexico

As the US economy languishes at eight percent unemployment investors look offshore for opportunity. Offshore in this case simply refers to outside of the USA. This is an important point because a great opportunity today is to invest offshore in Mexico. Mexico is currently hosting the G20 summit. The nation is negotiating to be a […]


Forex Swing Trading Strategy

If you have money to invest it can be difficult to make a decision about the best market to enter, but forex has enough flexibility to offer something for everyone. Unlike many other types of asset, it provides the opportunity to continue to make a profit even in an economic downturn. However, once you have […]


Invest in a Euro Zone Recovery

Is it time to invest in a Euro Zone recovery? Things have been looking pretty dismal in the Euro Zone for the last couple of years. Leaders have been scrambling to bail out nations across its Southern tier, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, as well as Ireland. The worst of the lot was Greece. Then, […]


High European Bond Rates

There is a lot of skepticism about high interest rates in Spain, Italy and high European bond rates in general these days. The problem is that the Euro debt crisis is far from over. Bond investors are requiring higher and higher interest rates to continue to invest in European junk bonds . The recent rescue […]


Real Wealth Income Generator

Tired of investing you money in buy and hold stocks only to see a year’s worth of appreciation disappear over two or three days of a down market? Consider the Real Wealth Income Generator. Tired of worrying about whether there will be a Euro to trade next year? Tired of seeing your trading capital disappear […]


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