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Archive for January, 2012

Choosing Conservative Stock Investments

Many investors today are choosing conservative stock investments. Preservation of capital is the first priority for many in light of the up and down market of last year. The likelihood of extremely low interest rates and a still uncertain economic recovery have convinced many that the best bets are strong dividend stocks. Parking your money […]


Investing in Kodak During Bankruptcy

The 131 year old company that invented the personal camera has filed for bankruptcy. For the astute investor it might just be time to consider investing in Kodak during bankruptcy proceedings. As the picture taking world has moved to digital Kodak has had problems keeping up. Even before this foreign companies like Fuji were undercutting […]


Low Credit Rating Risk

Just how much risk is associated with a low credit rating? The issue of low credit rating risk came to the fore last week when Standard and Poor’s downgraded their credit ratings for nine nations in the European Union. High on the list of investing tips for beginning investors as well as experienced investors is […]


Greek Financial Collapse

Despite two years of constant and often extreme measures a Greek financial collapse is still possible. German and French leaders, according to press reports, are pressuring Greek leaders as well as private lenders to move forward with necessary measures. These include further write offs by private lenders and solidifying austerity measures by the Greeks. One […]


Profitable Investment Timeline

Success in both short and long term investing often has to do with developing a profitable investment timeline. Investment opportunities come and go. Successful investors routinely carry out fundamental analysis of the stocks, commodities, real estate, and other assets in which they invest. Unfortunately, fundamentals can change quickly in today’s economy. In today’s chaotic markets […]


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