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Archive for November, 2011

Buying BAC and Other Bank Stocks

The current ratio of calls to puts on BAC and CITI implies buying BAC and other banks may be profitable in the short run. One of the cues that investors can use in picking stocks for short term investment is activity in the options market. Although calls on CITI outnumbered puts by one and a […]


Profit from a Stock Selloff

While debt jitters drive markets lower successful investors ask themselves how to profit from a stock selloff. The traditional way that long term investors profit from a stock selloff is to pick up bargains when a falling tide lowers all ships. This approach requires fundamental analysis of individual stocks prior to the day that the […]


Investing in Eurozone Stocks

Investors in the US and elsewhere watch their stocks rise and fall based upon the latest news about the European debt crisis but what about investing in Eurozone stocks at this time? Is it time to buy when investing in Eurozone stocks or time to sell European stocks ? There are a number of factors […]


Investing in Microsoft Patents

When one invests in Microsoft, MSFT, he is also investing in Microsoft patents. This thought comes to mind as a war of words rages between Google and Microsoft. Microsoft has come to agreements with nearly a dozen smart phone makers over their production of Android devices. According to press reports payments to Microsoft from these […]


Invest for Retirement

What is the best way to invest for retirement? In the up and down markets of today many investors are simply concerned with not losing money rather than putting away something for their so called golden years. The way to invest for retirement has commonly been to start early and keep adding to savings over […]


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