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Archive for April, 2011

Investment Research

Investment research takes time and investment research typically pays off in higher stock investing profits. We often hear the question just what is a good investment? The obvious answer is that a good investment is one that makes money and carries little risk. The point of investment research is to find stocks before they are noticed by the rest of the market, and before market attention drives their price up. The issue for all investors is doing a sufficient amount of investment research to find a good investment before the market changes and the stock goes up in price. We […]


Middle East Investment

Is this the time for Middle East investment? Many would say not as civil war rages in Libya, civil unrest has risen throughout the region, and society has risen against generations of repression in Syria. The old blood in the streets quote from Baron Rothschild comes to mind here. When everyone is scared off from […]


Direct Investment in China

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Direct investment in China by foreign sources rose by a third in March of this year. Asia is leading the way out of the worst recession in eighty years and direct investment […]


Deficit Investing

The congress is engaged in the political equivalent of trench warfare over the budget deficit. For the astute investor the issue is deficit investing. Unless someone comes up with a magic potion the USA will have a substantial budget deficit for years to come. Deficit investing is the notion that the deficit will continue with […]


Fewer Japanese Exports

Will there be fewer Japanese exports as a result of the earthquake and tsunami? The devastation caused by the worst earthquake in Japan’s recorded history and the subsequent tsunami was a terrible disaster. It washed away cars, buildings, ships, and thousands of human lives. It also damaged a number of nuclear power stations. Fewer Japanese […]


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