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Archive for November, 2010

How to Invest in Municipal Bonds

An investor looking for a cash return on investment can invest in dividend stocks, bank CD’s, US treasuries, and bonds. Municipal bonds are an attractive investment for many and can be invested in by buying individual bonds, shares of bond funds, or shares of unit investment trusts. How to invest in municipal bonds may vary […]


Hedge Fund Raids and Investing

Hedge fund raids and investing are in the news with several recent raids by the FBI on fund offices. According to various press reports and commentary the SEC, long criticized for laxity in oversight, has changed gears. Rather than looking to prosecute individuals who have bought and sold stock based upon non-public information, the SEC […]


Is GM a Good Investment?

Despite expectations of an opening stock price for the GM IPO of $33 the stock opened at nearly $35.50. The question, “is GM a good investment,” seemed to be answered with a resounding, “yes.” The stock rose to nearly $36 within minutes until profit taking took the new General Motors stock down to below $35 […]


How to Invest in Penny Stocks

For the beginning investor with a small amount of capital penny stocks can seem attractive. They wonder how to invest in penny stocks. Before looking at how to invest in penny stocks let’s see what we are talking about. These are stocks that typically sell for less than $5 a share ($1 by some definitions) […]


How to Invest 10,000 Dollars

There are times when we may come into some money and want to know how to invest it. With this in mind let us consider how to invest 10,000 dollars.


Is Gold a Profitable Investment?

Gold is the most popular precious metal used for investing. Investors purchase gold bullion as protection against inflation, economic upheaval, and even potential social chaos than might render their national currency worthless. But, is gold a profitable investment over the years? The traditional argument for gold investment is that gold holds its value, its purchasing […]


What is the First Step to Investing?

Beginning investors will ask “what is the first step to investing?” They are typically looking for a stock tip or some piece of investment wisdom that will quickly and easily make them rich. The answer to the question, “what is the first step to investing” starts before that and may seem unassociated with investing, but […]


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