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Archive for October, 2010

What is Equity Investing?

Equity investing refers to buying and holding shares of a stock listed on a stock market, partial ownership of a private company, ownership of shares in a startup company that has not yet been listed on a stock exchange. Equity investing in startup companies is also called venture capital investing. It carries both high risk […]


Small-Cap Brazil Stocks

Recently, SeekingAlpha’s Jason Aycock was interviewed about a single highest-conviction ETF position. Here’s the text from that interview: Which single asset class are you most bullish (or bearish) about in the coming year? What ETF position would you choose to best capture that? FREE ETF Trading Service – Click Here The previous 12 months for […]


Learning How to Invest

Learning how to invest successfully can pay dividends for a lifetime. In learning how to invest an individual will learn about types of investments and how to approach them. Just as importantly learning how to invest well teaches a brand of discipline that leads to benefits in all parts of life. The investor will always […]


How Much Money Do I Need to Start Investing?

A common question of beginners in stock market investing is how much money do I need to start investing? The quick answer is that you do not need a lot of money to start investing. However, it has to be money that you can afford to lose! When asking how much money to I need […]


The Pin Bar: A Powerful Forex Trading Setup

We all know the industry legend that 95% of traders lose money and give up trading.  The reasons that traders fail are many, but most, if not every single reason, can be broken into to basic reasons: FREE: Get Your Moving Averages Training Video Now! The trader did not have a strategy that yields positive […]


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