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Archive for October, 2010

What is Equity Investing?

Equity investing refers to buying and holding shares of a stock listed on a stock market, partial ownership of a private company, ownership of shares in a startup company that has not yet been listed on a stock exchange. Equity investing in startup companies is also called venture capital investing. It carries both high risk […]


Small-Cap Brazil Stocks

Recently, SeekingAlpha’s Jason Aycock was interviewed about a single highest-conviction ETF position. Here’s the text from that interview: FREE: Get Your Bobble / T-Line Crunch Training Video Now! Which single asset class are you most bullish (or bearish) about in the coming year? What ETF position would you choose to best capture that? FREE ETF […]


Learning How to Invest

Learning how to invest successfully can pay dividends for a lifetime. In learning how to invest an individual will learn about types of investments and how to approach them. Just as importantly learning how to invest well teaches a brand of discipline that leads to benefits in all parts of life. The investor will always […]


How Much Money Do I Need to Start Investing?

A common question of beginners in stock market investing is how much money do I need to start investing? The quick answer is that you do not need a lot of money to start investing. However, it has to be money that you can afford to lose! When asking how much money to I need […]


The Pin Bar: A Powerful Forex Trading Setup

We all know the industry legend that 95% of traders lose money and give up trading.  The reasons that traders fail are many, but most, if not every single reason, can be broken into to basic reasons: The trader did not have a strategy that yields positive expectancy. The trader did not execute the strategy […]


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