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Archive for May, 2010

Investing in Companies with Cash

Image via Wikipedia The economic recovery has been slow and there are still all sort of economic warning signs. Thus many companies have been accumulating cash reserves to protect against the dreaded “W” shaped recovery. That is, folks have been concerned that the economy would take another dive before resuming economic growth. What we see […]


Dividend Stocks

For an investor who wants steady income as well as growth, investing in dividend stocks can fill the bill. There are quite a few companies that have paid increasing dividends without a break for decades. There are even companies that have not missed a dividend payment for more than a century. This short list includes companies that have been paying dividends for more than 120 years!

Exxon Mobile
Johnson Controls
Coca Cola
Colgate Palmolive
Consolidated Edison
Procter & Gamble
York Water
Eli Lilly and Company
Stanley Black and Decker

(List courtesy of The Motley Fool)
A common misconception is that dividend stocks are not growth stocks. However, over five and ten […]


Today’s Value Investing

Image via Wikipedia Today’s value investing is the same as the value investing taught by Benjamin Graham and practiced by the likes of Warren Buffett. The stock investing news is full of news and advice about today’s value investing. Fund managers are touting companies with strong balance sheets, lots of cash, and low price to […]


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