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Archive for November, 2009

Very Long Term Investment in the Green Revolution

Norman Borlaug passed away this last year. The man many call the father of the “Green Revolution” is credited with starting and leading the “Green Revolution” that allowed the world’s food production to keep up with its population growth in the later half of the 20th century. Borlaug was an Iowa boy who came to […]


Talking about Retirement Dividends

Now that the markets are recovering the focus for many has switched from survival to thoughts of retirement. High quality stocks that pay good dividends have always been a major portion of retirement directed portfolios. After last year’s economic disaster when so many supposedly strong stocks lost value the question is just what will qualify […]


Investment in Oil Stocks

The largest oil company, ExxonMobil, has not joined the price increase in oil stocks this year despite the price of oil being nearly twice what it was January 1. At just over $70 a share this is a fair market price, if you don’t believe in future growth of the world economy. It is very […]


High Tech Warfare

The cost of the defense establishment becomes increasingly hard to pay for by a nation strapped by debt. Defense stocks are down as investors worry about the withdrawal from Iraq and cutbacks in military spending in general. However, the old joke about “military intelligence” being a contradiction in terms may have a new wrinkle for […]


About Emerging Markets

As the world’s economies right themselves so called emerging markets are becoming more and more attractive. The problem is that many investors still think of emerging markets as being in small, backward countries whose primary attraction is cheap labor and raw materials. Emerging market investment in Latin America and investment in Asia is attractive. But, […]


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