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Archive for October, 2009

Investment in Asian Reits

As the world comes out of the recession some economies are doing better than others and some economies have remained pretty stable. A pertinent question is how to invest safely and profitably in stable overseas markets. Investment in Singapore, for example, is attractive as it is economically successful and stable as well as politically stable. […]


Regional Investment Opportunities

The Dow Jones is back over 10,000 and economic recovery is on its way. Now the question is where to invest for the future. As in all growing or recovering markets there will be growth sectors and regional investment opportunities. The high tech areas of the Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest beacon for regional […]


Investment in Disinfectants

Fear drives a lot of human activity, if not most of it. The current influenza epidemic is a case in point. Experts tell us that the flu is more contagious than the yearly seasonal flu but less dangerous. Nevertheless, people are buying face masks and disinfectants in increasing numbers. In a world where air travel […]


Trade Forex with Technical Indicators

Are you aware that for Forex trading, there exist over 100 technical indicators at your disposal right now? The charting programs and packages currently available provide all of these indicators, the key is determining which one to deploy. Technical indicators can each tell you something about the market’s behavior at any given point in time, […]


Investment in a Brave New World

Post recession the United States will likely have a slow economy and persistently higher unemployment than before. Energy demands in the United States will be lower as people buy fuel efficient cars out of necessity, but the price of fossil fuels will go up as Asia, particularly India and China, continue to industrialize. Investment in […]


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