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Archive for August, 2009

Long Term Success in Day Trading

There are a handful of simple rules for long term success in day trading. The rules have to do with not being a greedy trader, having a trading system and sticking to it, and using stop loss orders. The trading system rules have to do with being in the game for the long haul and […]


Will Blue Chips Recover?

Usually it’s the blue chip stocks that lead an economic recovery but not this time. Many blue chips seem to be caught in a so called flight from quality where long term value is ignored in favor of short term factors. Or, are investors seeing something different this time around? FREE: Get Your Doji Sandwich […]


Time to Look for Tax Free Investments

The fact is that a large number of Americans do not have health insurance. The fact is that fixing this will increase the budget deficit unless taxes are raised, for the middle class as well as the “rich” with incomes of over $250,000 a year. The economy is slowly recovering and the stimulus money helped. […]


Investment in Dot Coms

eBay’s stock has been going up, half again as much this year. With memories of the dot com collapse, is too much investment in online companies a bad thing? eBay makes profits online. How do you decide which dot com is for real, making profits online, and which dot com is just a replica of […]


Harley Davidson and the Aging of a Niche Market

Harley Davidson is a venerable motorcycle maker headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harley lived on its name and not its quality for a lot of years as foreign (Asian) competitors made better bikes and a greater variety of bikes. FREE: Get Your Trend Channels Training Video Now! When Harley Davidson upgraded its product with better technology […]


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