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Archive for July, 2009

Investing Clichés

When picking and reevaluating investments it is important to be dealing in sound investment advice versus clichés. Thirty or more years ago the cliché was that if you know how to manage you can manage any and everything. That cliché led the world’s leading copier company, Xerox, to get into the insurance business where they […]


Missing an Investment Opportunity – Once Bitten Twice Shy

“Once bitten, twice, shy,” the old saying goes. This adage is borne out by the fact that Berkshire Hathaway has made some investment coups worth billions of dollars since last year and its stock price is still down substantially from its high a couple of years ago. The point is that after the market meltdown […]


Investing for the Best Return on Investment

Where can you get the best return on investment in the stock market? We are not talking about short term gains followed by abrupt losses but long term growth. Maybe, low priced, low grade stocks bundled up in index funds are the way to go. Thirty and more years ago stock market research revealed that, […]


Random Investment Thoughts About Endowment Funds, Pension Funds, And Bad Investment Choices

In the wake of the market meltdown we see that some very smart people lost money, a lot of it. The news is that several Ivy League endowments and the big California Public Employees Pension fund are down substantially. How could such smart people do so badly? Greed? And, by the way, Madoff got 150 […]


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