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Archive for May, 2009

Market Sector, Cash Reserve, and Consumer Spending Drill

Pick the five stocks that you believe will out perform the market in the one, two, and five years. Choose market sectors. Look for cash reserves. When will consumer spending pick up for your market sectors and companies? This is a drill that you should do periodically. Even though you are in the market for […]


Time Horizon In Investments

What is your time horizon for investments? Are you investing to fund your retirement or build a family fortune? Or, are you looking to increase your current income with stock dividends. What you invest in depends to a degree upon your time horizon. In the late 1980’s when Japan’s economy was booming one of their […]


Staying in Touch with the Economy and Your Investments

“Stay on your toes,” my old baseball coach used to tell us. To win a nine-inning game even the seemingly inactive outfielders need to stay alert on every pitch, on every throw to check the runner. So it is with long term investing. You need to stay alert, stay awake, and stay in touch with […]


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