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Archive for April, 2009

Sorting Through the Influenza News and More

The influenza news never stops. It has temporarily nudged the recession news aside. And when the recovery is complete there will be other news to nudge that aside. The electronic press swoops down upon a story and disseminates it at the speed of light and the public focus shifts nearly as fast. For the short […]


Growth Stocks for the Really Long Term

FREE: Get Your Trend Channels Training Video Now! Some economies and some companies will emerge from the current financial mess stronger. Some will fade away. For the long term investor prediction and an appreciation of the very long term for growth stocks will be key. . What will be the growth stocks for the really […]


Federal Deficits, Treasury Notes, and Investments; The Shape of Things to Come

It was Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen who in the 1960’s said in regard to the federal budget, “A billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you are talking real money.” It would seem that the saying is still true, but only if you substitute “trillion” for “billion”. Another prophetic Dirksen quote is, “I have […]


Where Does the Money Come From in Latin America?

FREE: Get Your Projecting Price Targets Training Video Now! Looking outside of the United States for long-term investment opportunities may involve more than “regional funds” or multinational companies. Successful investing in other parts of the world will require the long-term investor to become much more familiar with the economies and credit sources in various parts […]


Economic Recovery, Regional Growth, Foreign Stocks and Multinationals in Latin America

FREE: Get Your Gap Analysis Training Video Now! In recent years diversification into foreign stocks has paid well for many US investors. Now that the recession has hit home throughout the world it seems almost everyone who did not sell early has taken a loss. What factors will influence regional economic growth and recovery and […]


Some Homework References for Investment in Green Energy

FREE: Get Your Projecting Price Targets Training Video Now! The government’s stimulus plan has a huge investment in green energy. The standard argument against green energy is that green energy requires subsidies to be competitive with coal and oil. The recent bankruptcy of numerous ethanol plants with the drop in oil prices is a case […]


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