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Archive for February, 2009

Short Term Trading Profit As Economic Stimulus Promises Long Term Economic Recovery

The Economic Stimulus or Economic Recovery package has been signed into law. The question for many is how soon the economic stimulus will result in an economic recovery. The stock market will try to anticipate the economic recovery. When bits of news, a new law or regulation, or pure rumor pass around there will be […]


Which Stocks Will Recover Lost Ground?

The stock market rallied a bit last week making up for lost ground since late last fall. As usual some stocks rallied and some did not. That sounds so simple as to be dumb, but it is the crux of smart long term investing. FREE: Get Your Projecting Price Targets Training Video Now! The question […]


For Everything There Is a Season and Right Now It Just Might Be Bank Stocks

So, Wells Fargo’s stock went up and everyone is scurrying to see if now is the time to bet on bank stocks. Folks are not buying, yet, but, trading of “calls” was active in banks and other financials. FREE: Get Your Moving Averages Training Video Now! The point of the long term investor getting into […]


Diversification Or Not In The Coming Years

Diversification is supposed to protect your portfolio in up and down markets. However, for many investors diversification did not work last year. What do you do going forward? How Diversification is supposed to Work Diversification is based upon reciprocity, the law of averages, and the faith that the stock market will keep going up over […]


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