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Archive for January, 2009

Ever Heard Of Futures?

Have you ever heard of futures and the ability to enhance profits with the candlestick charting technique? There is a difference between the stock market and futures. In futures trading, you don’t really own anything as in stocks. When trading you are merely making a bet in which direction the future price will go. If […]


Dispassionate Investing In A World Of Despair And Hope

We are living in the world of the old Chinese curse, “interesting times.” With the economic mess the world is in, we see despair alternating with hope every day. This fact is reflected in stock prices almost daily. Now, of all times, is when successful investing requires a dispassionate approach to market psychology as well […]


Long Term Investing In Basic Consumer Goods Companies

As 2009 begins the United States is experiencing its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. In these tough economic times where is the best place to put a long term investment? It has always been good advice during a recession to put your long term investments in banking or basic consumer goods. Well, banks […]


Long Term Investing In The United States Infrastructure

The United States Interstate Highway System is in need of infrastructure repairs. The timing is just right because the United States is in need of a jobs program too. A long term, long overdue investment into the United States infrastructure from transportation, to electric grids, to sewers is coming. Savvy long term investing in United […]


Long Term Investing In Pharmaceuticals

Long term investing in the pharmaceutical industry has generally led to excellent returns. The standard advice over the years has been to buy “big pharma” and watch your shares rise in value while you collect dividends. In the last twenty or more years the number of new technologies being applied to treatments has grown exponentially. […]


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