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Archive for December, 2008

Long Term Investing In The Coming Years

As we enter the New Year and look back at the detritus of the old year it’s time to evaluate long term investment opportunities. Three categories come to mind for long term investing. These are United States infrastructure improvements, pharmaceutical research, and consumer goods. The new administration is going to pour money into infrastructure to […]


Why Buy Stock?

Prospective businessmen and women will have to answer the question of why would anyone in their right mind buy stocks? As a matter of fact, the real question should be why someone would opt to not buy stock? Possessing stock in an organization means that you own stock with that company. You are invested, even […]


Reasons To Invest

Most people consider that an investment in the stock market is a method of obtaining goals to retire and nothing else. But this is very far from the truth. Many people invest in stocks looking more at the short term picture than the long term. The following examples should give you some inspiration in case […]


Stocks vs. Mutual Funds

Some may think the idea of comparing stocks to mutual funds a little odd, since mutual funds are commonly made up of stocks, bonds, or some combination of both; it is necessary to compare the two when it comes to choosing which is best for your financial future. Below we will discuss some of the […]


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