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Archive for October, 2008

Investment Tips

Prudent investing will help secure your financial future and will help you meet all your expenses and expenditures at different stages in your life. To earn good and safe returns on investments, a great deal of planning is required. You need to plan how much you wish to invest, how long you wish to invest […]


Investing in Oil Futures

Oil and gas are non-renewable resources that have fueled economic growth to a large extent over the years. Oil and gas are considered essential goods which will probably not be consumed less anytime soon or currently have any substitutes to speak of. These factors make them an example of “price inelasticity of demand”. They cannot […]


Are Penny Stocks For You?

Investors who enjoy skydiving, skinny-dipping, and bungee jumping will find penny stocks right up their alley. However, even conservative investors find the low risk promise of large payouts quite attractive in penny stocks. Most people who invest in penny stocks are hoping to find the “big one” that will yield a tremendous profit at bargain […]


Are You Ready To Invest?

These days it is quite common to hear news about the impending failure of the Social Security system. Young people today will most likely outlive the archaic social security system and will never see a return on the money they are putting into the program. Those funds cannot keep pace with the population that will […]


Investing In The Forex Trading Market

Forex (or Foreign Exchange) Trading FREE: Get Your Gap Analysis Training Video Now! One of the most profitable investment forums you can find today is Forex Trading. The Forex market does business with every major country on every continent, making it is the largest investment market in the world. It is available 24 hours a […]


Momentum Investing

Momentum investing is a method of buying securities or stocks based on its returns during the last three to twelve months. This method also insists that it is wise to sell the stocks which have had poor returns or profit during the same time frame. Momentum investors will invest in anything which is currently hot, […]


Stock Investing

Many consider the stock market as an attractive and lucrative investment area. Stock markets can even double your savings in no time. While a bank savings can earn you a maximum of 2% to 3% interest in a year, a mutual fund can help you earn more than 10% per year. Though stock investing has […]


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