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Tips on How to Start Investing

The stock market crashed in 2008 and ushered in the Great Recession. Many who had investments in the stock market sold at huge losses and have stayed away ever since. And many have avoided investing in stocks because of the perceived risk of losing everything. But, the stock market has come back and is at an all-time high! If you missed out on the run up since the crash there is still hope but there are also pitfalls for beginning investors. Here are a few tips on how to start investing.
At What Point Should You Start Investing?
If you are putting […]


Why Does the Economy do Better under Democrats?

Election year is upon us and the nation will pick a Republican (Donald Trump) or a Democrat (Hilary Clinton) as its next president. From an investor’s point of view which party is better in the White House for the economy? Despite the association of the Republican Party with business it would appear that having a Democrat in the White House is better for the economy. Salon demonstrates with charts that the economy does better under Democratic presidents.
The right likes to argue that [economic] conditions mark a clear failure of progressive policies, and in particular of the Obama administration. In the […]


What Are the Common Investing Mistakes?

It is unfortunately easier to lose money than to make money when investing. The famous investor, Warren Buffett, has pointed out that the first rule of investing is not to lose money and the second rule is to remember the first. So, how do you make money instead of lose it when investing? There are common mistakes that investors make and if you can avoid these mistakes your investing will proceed with fewer losses and more gains. What are the common investing mistakes? First let’s see what Investopedia says about the 7 common investor mistakes.
Of the mistakes made by investors, […]


First Signs of a Market Correction

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The stock market has risen this year with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting an all-time intraday high of 18,232.02 on May 19. However, there are some concerns. One is that the […]


Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Stocks

A word to the wise: Don’t be afraid to invest in stocks. This thought comes to mind after reading an article in CNN Money, Crisis Hangover: Millennials Are Afraid to Invest. The economic chaos of 2008, which erupted during the formative years for many young Americans, inflicted scars on millennials that are shaping their investing […]


Signs of a Market Correction

The stock market rally has been going on for five and a half years. The S&P 500 bottomed out at 683 on March 6 of 2009. This was the end of the market fall and the start of the second worst recession in 75 years. And, like in the days after the 2009 Stock Market […]


Understanding Stocks

Understanding stocks is the basis for investing in the stock market. The old saying about not seeing the forest for the trees applies to many new investors and traders, bedazzled by the breadth of opportunities in the stock market. Expanded trading abilities brought to us by leveraged trading strategies such as hedging often lead to […]


Current Gold Prices

If you are one of the folks who habitually buy gold bullion as a hedge against inflation, current gold prices are a little disconcerting. Investing in gold was all the rage in the first years of the century as gold rose from $300 an ounce to $1,900 an ounce. After peaking in 2011, gold has […]


Investing in Turnarounds

In the aftermath of the worst economic recession in nearly eighty years there are a lot of companies that are just putting themselves back together. The prime example was the company that once was the world’s largest corporation and the world’s largest auto maker. Things got so bad that General motors filed for bankruptcy and […]


Intrinsic Value of Stock

Successful long term investors consider the intrinsic value of stock before buying and when deciding to sell. This approach to stock investing goes back to the black days following the 1929 stock market crash which ushered in the Great Depression. Benjamin Graham taught investors that they did not need to play the market as though […]


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