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What Investments Will Prosper When the Trade War is Resolved?

As the G-20 summit approaches, many are hopeful that a scheduled meeting between the leaders of the USA and China will result in at least a temporary truce in the evolving trade war. Our take on this is that there are long-term, core issues that the USA needs to have addressed and which China does not want to talk about. So, the question for investors is, what investments will prosper when the trade war is resolved for good or for ill? But, first here is a bit of background on the trade war.
Possible Truce in Trade War?
The New York Times […]


Treasury Notes

Periodically congress decides to get into fight over whether to approve the next budget or not. But rather than work on the issue of an ever increasing national debt before the fact, congress has made a habit of playing chicken with the full faith and integrity of the US government. When another high stakes game […]


What are Safe Investments?

After being burned in the recent market crash many investors are wondering what are safe investments? As a general rule investors expect a greater rate of return for taking risks and are willing to accept a lower return for a safe investment. Thus the question what are safe investments also can mean what are low […]


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