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Value Stocks for When the Market Crashes

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An article in USA Today Money states that that ‘investors don’t know when the next crash will come – they just know that it will.’ The article then goes on to talk […]


Value Investing for 2015

The best stock investments in 2014 were solid stocks to begin with that continued to appreciate as the market rallied. This will likely be the case going into 2015. Value investing in 2015 will likely be where the money is. As an example, Jim Cramer, the Mad Money host, says not to look for losers […]


How to Avoid Losing Money in the Stock Market

A common expression years ago, was playing the stock market. The expression came from the fact that many thought of stock investing as gambling on whether stocks would go up or down. Traders listened for stock tips with fond hopes of getting into a stock before it ran up in price and out of a […]


Bad Stock Investments

In the late 1980’s Japan seemed set to take over the world. The Japanese stock market was the envy of the world and the Nikkei stock index was around 39,000. Today it is less than 10,000. One of the bad stock investments of our time would have been to buy a basket of Japanese stocks […]


Investment Goals and Strategies

The intended end result of investing is to make and keep money. The investment goals and strategies that one uses in accomplishing this goal are many. However, the first rule, to quote Warren Buffett, is not to lose money and the second rule to continue quoting the Oracle of Omaha is not to forget rule […]


Investment Risk Management

Investment risk management includes diversifying to balance business risk, being wary of overpriced stocks, and not confusing short term goals with long term investing techniques. Picking new winners is always the name of the game but picking them at the best price, diversifying to reduce sector risk, and choosing stocks whose prospects match your long […]


Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing can provide investors with better returns over the years than a bank account or US Treasury Bonds. Stock market investing is also riskier than simply putting your money in an FDIC insured bank account or Treasuries that are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. How do you […]


How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes in Investing

With stocks at multiyear highs, many folks are contemplating getting back into the market. The stock market is up again and that tempts more and more people to become stock investors. Folks who bought when the market was low love this scenario. Late arriving investors pour their money into the market just as fundamental analysis […]


What Mother Never Told You about Stock Investing

“Save your money,” your Mother said when you received your allowance for mowing the lawn and running errands. This was in 1986. The idea was to teach you to be frugal. So, you put money in your piggy bank and eventually took all of the change to the bank and put it in your Junior […]


Investing in Risky Stocks

Investing in volatile stocks can be profitable if your fundamental analysis indicates that a stock is underpriced. And investing in risky stocks of the volatile kind can be very dangerous if you neglect to do your homework. As all too many investors learned to their dismay in the 2008 market crash, big stocks are not […]


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