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Investing for a Devalued Dollar

While fiscal cliff stock worries wax and wane, smart investors should be thinking about investing for a devalued dollar. One of the reasons for US fiscal problems is, in fact, an overly strong US dollar. Across the world countries that want to export goods to North America repeatedly purchase US dollars. One reason is that […]


Investing and the Continuing Fiscal Cliff Drama

The President of the United States says that we “are not a deadbeat nation.” He states that the US must raise its debt limit to avoid another fiscal cliff situation. From the President’s point of view, Congress must pay for the bills that it has rung up. From the viewpoint of those who want to […]


Investing for a Tighter Budget

American may wish to start thinking about investing for a tighter budget. The United States Congress just agreed to raise taxes on income over $400,000 a year, extend unemployment benefits and a deal with a handful of items on the country’s economic plate. A huge sigh of relief was heard as congress seemed to finally […]


Will Stocks Fall off the Fiscal Cliff?

As minutes tick away before the end of 2012 we wonder if the juvenile behavior on Capitol Hill will give way to reason. Or will the economy falter? Will stocks fall off the fiscal cliff? Will the US be plunged back into a recession? In the last year we have written, hopefully, about the slow […]


Fiscal Cliff Fear Factor

The so called “fiscal cliff” is likely to be in the news for some time as Democrats and Republicans begrudgingly negotiate a compromise. But, will they negotiate a compromise or will both parties play to the media and their constituencies to the detriment of the American economy and the American people? What we refer to […]


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