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Investor’s Guide to Choosing Stocks and Bonds

If you have your retirement money in a mutual fund you probably don’t know the real cost. When you find out how much of your profit is going to fund overhead you may want to simply pick your own stocks and bonds to invest in. First let’s look at the cost of a mutual fund and then look at an investor’s guide to choosing stocks and bonds.
Hidden Cost of Mutual Funds
Forbes published an insightful article about the real cost of owning a mutual fund.
In over 25 years of business, our firm has never had an initial meeting with an investor […]


Bad Stock Investments

In the late 1980’s Japan seemed set to take over the world. The Japanese stock market was the envy of the world and the Nikkei stock index was around 39,000. Today it is less than 10,000. One of the bad stock investments of our time would have been to buy a basket of Japanese stocks […]


Avoid Mutual Funds

When looking for a safe and profitable investment vehicle is it wise to look for or avoid mutual funds? Mutual funds are professionally managed pools of money from many investors. Mutual funds are marketed as investment products to the investing public. These vehicles are most often open ended in that investors can buy into the […]


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