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Cell Tower Return on Investment Formula

Cell tower leases can be great long term investments. And cell phone tower investment can be a short term affair in which you pick up a property with a cell site, do a bit of rehabbing, and sell for a tidy profit. As with any potentially profitable investment you will want a fair return on […]


Collect Cell Tower Lease Profits

There are several ways to collect cell tower lease profits. Cell towers hold the relay masts that are the connection nodes in the mobile telephone network. The relay masts are placed in high locations such as on towers or the tops of buildings to provide line of sight connection with adjacent connection points. In the […]


Create Cell Tower Lease Securities

There are around 370,000 cell tower sites in the continental United States that an investor may be able to purchase and sell under the right conditions and for the right price. Those who choose to learn how to find cell phone sites, approach the owners of the leases, and negotiate profitable deals may find wireless […]


Wireless Cell Site Investing

A strong alternative to investing in stocks is wireless cell site investing This kind of investment uses many of the skills that a smart long term investor has already developed. Cell phone tower investment involves the wireless base receiver stations or mobile phone masts that are the backbone of the mobile phone industry. A unique […]


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