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Just How Many Years Are Required to Make an Investment Long Term?

People like Warren Buffett have made substantial profits from smart long term investing. Just how many years are required to make an investment long term? We can get a hint from the so-called Oracle of Omaha who says that he cannot outguess the market in the short term but has a pretty good idea of what will sell well ten years hence. Thus we should not be surprised when Market Watch says long run for investing is longer than you think.
There are certain truths that are etched into the brains of investors. They know that in the long-run, their portfolio […]


What Stocks Made the Most Money over the Long Term?

If you are into investing for the long haul you ought to look at what stocks made the most money over the long term. In this regard an article in Yahoo Finance is useful. It turns out that just 14 stocks are responsible for 20% of all stock market gains since 1924.
In what truly is one of the most amazing statistics to ever come across our desks here at 24/7 Wall St., we recently saw a chart that showed that just 14 stocks have created 20% of all stock market gains in dollars since 1924. That is a phenomenal figure, […]


How Profitable Is Stock Investing?

If you are looking to put some money away for a rainy day or save for retirement it would be nice to have that money work for you as well. The stock market is often touted as the best place to put your money and have it earn a profit. But just how profitable is stock investing? In the stock market quality begets profits over the long term. This is the world of buy and hold investing. In the short term research into specific stocks can lead to tidy profits which you often will want to take back out and […]


How Much Money Can You Make Investing in the Stock Market?

If you are looking to make money in the stock market you need to prepare. You need to develop a plan and you need to pay attention. Assuming that you learn the ropes and apply yourself how much money can you make investing in the stock market? Here are a few examples.
A Million Dollars Trading One Stock
Our sister site, published an article 5 years ago, How to Make a Million Dollars Trading One Stock.
How to make a million dollars trading one stock! This is a great idea if you can do it. Evaluating how this could be done is […]


Stock Market Investment Strategies

Stock market investment strategies are basically variations on two approaches. You can make money by investing with a buy and hold approach. And you can also profit from short term, buy and sell investing. These two different stock market investment strategies require different approaches. Long term investors look for growth stocks, solid companies and predictable […]


When to Sell Stocks

When the market has been on a long term rise it is often wise to consider when to sell stocks. Even buy and hold long term investors need to get out of stocks that have run their course. In retrospect, fundamental analysis of saddle makers, wagon makers and carriage makers at the start of the […]


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