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How Much Should You Pay to Protect Your Portfolio?

The stock market seems to have peaked and may be ready for a substantial correction. How much should you pay in terms of lost opportunity in order to protect your portfolio? Bloomberg writes that many investors are moving from stocks to bonds which they describe as a bear market signal.
Risks are stacking up for markets attempting to recover from the latest provocation by North Korea and the mounting damage of Tropical Storm Harvey.
Citigroup Inc. strategists including Jeremy Hale cite “worrying developments” that may signal the approach of a correction in stocks, while Commerzbank AG finds growing evidence of bearish sentiment […]


How to Make Money and Not Lose Your Savings

Anyone who has a little extra cash should be routinely putting something away for a rainy day, college for the kids, retirement or simply a better life. Traditional advice is that you can accept more risk and invest entirely in stocks when you are young and you should convert to less risk as in buying bonds as you age. But what are people really doing to make money and not lose their savings? CNBC writes about the way to invest in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.
Needs change over time, and the investment mix that worked in your 20s […]


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