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Invest in Boeing – Dreamliner Revisited

In 2011 we suggested that it might be time to invest in Boeing, BA. The fundamental analysis of the Dreamliner was compelling although that was before the battery problems. Now, again it appears to be time to invest in Boeing as the company expects to beat its previous record for most planes delivered in a […]


Invest in Manufacturing Stocks

The most recent report of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) indicates that United States manufacturing is on the rise again after a three month lull. In the last three years the ISM index has had only three months indicating contraction of the sector and the most recent numbers are the best since 2009. So, […]


Stock Investment in a Volatile Market

Is stock investment in a volatile market profitable or is stock investment in a volatile market dangerous? This question comes to mind as the NYSE and NASDAQ go up or down more than five percent of their capitalization in a trading day. This seems to be happening more often than any time in the last […]


Best Stock Investments in a Declining Market

What are the best stock investments in a declining market? This is a pertinent question as the stock market wanders ever downward. The European debt crisis has investors and traders spooked even though many US companies have increased sales and money in the bank. Boeing – BA – has delivered its first 787. Both manufacturing […]


Invest in Boeing

With the first Dreamliner delivered is it time to invest in Boeing – BA? The aerospace giant delivered its “game changing” aircraft to All Nippon Airways at a ceremony at the Boeing Everett Plant  in the state of Washington on September 26, 2011. The Boeing 787 takes advantage of many new technologies but has been […]


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