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Will There Be a Year-End Stock Rally?

The first days of September were good for stocks. One analyst says that this fact indicates that there will be a year-end stock rally. CNBC talked to strategist Tom Lee who says there is a 90% chance of a year-end rally.
Perennially bullish strategist Tom Lee believes the S&P 500 is set to rally 6 to 8 percent before the year is out.
That specific number is based on his analysis of prior market moves. Lee found that since 1940, the S&P ended the year higher in 27 of the 30 times it was up by 5 to 20 percent through mid-September.
One […]


Why Buy Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are cheap but are they good investments? Why buy penny stocks? For that matter what is a penny stock? According to Investopedia:
A penny stock typically trades at a relatively low price and has a small market capitalization, usually outside of the major market exchanges. These stocks are generally considered highly speculative and high risk because of their lack of liquidity, large bid-ask spreads, small capitalization and limited following and disclosure. They often trade over the counter through the OTCBB and pink sheets.
So, why buy penny stocks? Most penny stocks deserve their low price but there are diamonds in […]


How Low Will Energy Stocks Go?

Although the S&P 500 is trading at a record high energy stocks are not part of the rally. In fact energy stocks are heading lower as oil prices skid according to The Wall Street Journal.
U.S. stocks edged higher Monday, but energy shares dropped as the price of oil fell back toward $40 a barrel.
Energy stocks in the S&P 500 fell 2.7% and U.S. crude oil lost 3.3% to $40.25 a barrel. A glut of fuels and growing global production has weighed on crude prices recently.
How low will energy stocks go? So long as production remains high and demand off of […]


Why Buy Emerging Market Stocks?

When the market falls the weakest stocks from emerging markets take the worst hit. And when the market recovers these same stocks are often the most impressive performers. Why buy emerging market stocks? Buy them to diversify your portfolio, to pick up cheap investments when currency exchange rates are favorable and buy them to take advantage of economies in their early stages of growth. This may in fact be a reasonable time to buy emerging market stocks. Bloomberg notes that emerging market stocks are advancing with an 11 year low in volatility.
Emerging-market stocks rose toward the highest level since China’s […]


What Would a Clinton Presidency Mean for Stocks?

The most unusual presidential campaign in the history of the USA is rounding the bend with the respective conventions. In our last article we looked at what a Trump presidency would mean for stocks. Today our question is what would a Clinton presidency mean for stocks? Kiplinger has already weighed in with their 7 best stocks to own if Clinton wins.
We’ve compiled a list of firms that stand to benefit if Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is elected in November. Because Clinton has been in politics longer and has released a greater number of official policy positions than Donald […]


Which Stocks Are Safe to Buy?

The point of investing is to make money, not to lose it. Many who were hurt badly in the 2008 market crash have never returned to the stock market because they simply don’t know which stocks are safe to buy. There is a lot of advice out there about safe stocks but what can you believe and how should you proceed? As an example of current advice on this topic the Motley Fool suggests 3 safe stocks you can buy right now.
As recent events have clearly shown, even large-cap stocks that were thought to be stable can crater in the […]


How Do I Buy Cheap Stocks?

The old adage for successful stock investing is to buy low and sell high. But, how do you buy cheap stocks? Where do you find them and how do you pick the most profitable ones? A couple of weeks ago we asked the question, what is value investing? Value investing should always be on your mind when searching for cheap stocks.
A simple approach to value investing is to use a stock screening tool like the one in Google Finance to find stocks with low price to earnings ratios (P/E ratio) or price to book ratios and high dividends.
In short, what […]


How Far Will Stocks Fall?

You don’t have a profit until you take a profit goes the old investing saying. If you have seen your portfolio rise in the wake of the Great Recession it may be time to take that profit. CNBC speculates that stocks could drop 25% or more.
The first month and a half of 2016 was brutal for the U.S. equity market, as the major averages plunged over 10 percent. But since hitting the February lows, the market has managed to hobble back, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing above 18,000 for the first time on Monday.
The sad truth is that […]


Chinese Companies Hit by Yuan Devaluation

If you were thinking of investing in Chinese stocks, think again. China troubles are not over as Chinese companies are hit by the Yuan devaluation. Bloomberg Business reports that China Forex losses jump 13-fold and there is more to come.
The impact of August’s yuan devaluation has shown up in Chinese publicly traded companies’ annual results – and investors are bracing for more pain.
Some 980 listed Chinese companies reported combined foreign-exchange losses of 48.7 billion yuan ($7.5 billion) for last year, almost 13 times the amount in 2014, Bloomberg-compiled data show. Profits at those firms slumped 11 percent last year to […]


Is the South Korean Won a Good Surrogate for Betting Against China?

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As the Chinese stock market takes its pratfalls many investors wish they could trade Chinese stocks in that market. Some would wait for the market to bottom out in order to buy […]


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