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What to Look for in a Dividend Stock

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Dividend stocks are the basis of a sound retirement portfolio. As Motley Fool says in its best of breed article about dividend stocks, these stocks provide investors with three great benefits.
Dividend payments […]


Why Invest in Dividend Stocks?

Why invest in dividend stocks? Dividend stocks are often recommended for those approaching retirement. The rationale is that you get a quarterly dividend check at a time when your income has been reduced. It turns out that investing in dividend stocks can been an excellent strategy for investors or all ages. The prospectus for the […]


Signs of a Market Correction

The stock market rally has been going on for five and a half years. The S&P 500 bottomed out at 683 on March 6 of 2009. This was the end of the market fall and the start of the second worst recession in 75 years. And, like in the days after the 2009 Stock Market […]


Basics of Successful Investing I

Successful investing is not a matter of luck, tips or playing the market. Three basics of successful investing are sound fundamental analysis, appropriate risk management and patience in waiting for investment opportunities. Let us start with risk management first of all. Risk Management in Your Life and Investments Investing is part of life and not […]


Investment Dividends

Investment dividends from your favorite utility stock are a welcome source of income during retirement. And investment dividends can be reinvested in dividend reinvestment plans while you are letting your investments grow. And, not all of your investment will pay dividends as some companies simply plow their profits back into research and development or into […]


How to Invest Your 401k

A great way to save money and defer taxes is with a 401k plan. We consider how to invest your 401k. The limits on how much you can invest tax free each year in a 401k are higher than with an IRA. In the USA a 401k plan is a tax-qualified, defined-contribution pension account defined […]


Timing Stock Investments

Timing stock investments is commonly the key to profits in the NYSE or NASDAQ. Fundamentals are what drive eventual price of a stock. When fundamentals change so do stock prices. Using fundamental analysis helps in knowing what stock might be selling at a bargain price but not in timing stock investments. Technical analysis with Candlestick […]


Dividend Reinvestment Plans

If you want to see your investment gains accumulate and exponentially grow over the years, consider dividend reinvestment plans. We recently talked about dividend stocks like utilities when we wrote about stock picks for 2014. Utilities commonly pay handsome dividends and commonly offer dividend reinvestment plans. The advantage of dividend reinvestment plans, also referred to […]


When to Sell Stocks

When the market has been on a long term rise it is often wise to consider when to sell stocks. Even buy and hold long term investors need to get out of stocks that have run their course. In retrospect, fundamental analysis of saddle makers, wagon makers and carriage makers at the start of the […]


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