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Time to Buy Bonds

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Over the years well-chosen stocks typically provide a better return on investment than bonds. But, this is not always the case. In fact, now may be a time to buy bonds and […]


Rush to Buy Bonds

The stock market seems ready to fall and there is a rush to buy bonds. Bloomberg reports that bonds jump up in price as stocks slip. “It’s a lot of little factors here that add up to one big mess, frankly,” said Michael Block, chief equity strategist at Rhino Trading Partners LLC in New York. […]


Sell Overpriced Stocks

The stock market is taking a hit as investors choose to sell overpriced stocks at the start of 2015. Fundamental analysis of intrinsic stock value is how successful long term investors determine whether to buy stocks with value or sell overpriced stocks. A common approach is to compare the P/E ratio of a stock with […]


Debt Default and Offshore Investing

Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt obligations and markets across the world took a hit. What is the relationship between debt default and offshore investing, in Argentina, Latin America and the rest of the world? The first part of fundamental analysis is to research the issue. The Argentine debt default started more than a decade […]


Selling Russian Natural Gas to China

So, if Russia cuts off natural gas supplies to Ukraine how will Europe get its natural gas from Russia? And if the EU and USA ramp up sanctions in the wake of the Russian annexation of Crimea the USA may just start replacing Russia as the energy supplier of choice for the EU. Then where […]


Treasury Notes

Periodically congress decides to get into fight over whether to approve the next budget or not. But rather than work on the issue of an ever increasing national debt before the fact, congress has made a habit of playing chicken with the full faith and integrity of the US government. When another high stakes game […]


Make Money Investing

The first order of business if you want to make money investing is fundamental analysis of the investment opportunity. In the years after the 1929 stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression investors learned the concepts of intrinsic value and margin of safety. No longer was investing in the stock market akin to […]


US Savings Bonds

US savings bonds are often thought of as a poor man’s route to savings. Many aggressive investors and traders scoff at the idea of buying US savings bonds every payday and holding them for as long as thirty years. However, there are a number of advantages to buying and holding US savings bonds. As with […]


Municipal Bond Investment

Municipal bond investment may be an attractive option for investors in the coming year. When the Fed eventually cuts its quantitative easing stimulus plan rates will go up. That will make bonds attractive. However, with higher interest rates come higher taxes. Municipal bonds have the advantage of not carrying a Federal Tax burden. Municipal bond […]


Fed Stimulus Program Continues

On news that the Fed stimulus program continues unchanged the bond market rallied. Yields fell and bond prices rose. Buyers outnumbered sellers as the bond market experienced its biggest one day jump in nearly two years. The Fed stimulus program continues unabated when virtually no one thought that it would. The central bank published minutes […]


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